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Hi guys this programme would be wonderful if only I could use it.

Had problems accessing to use so deleted it completely.

Made several attempts to install again but no success. I made sure all the components were removed via control panel.

I am a pro member and  using windows 7 

I can't seem to find a support department any more.,

david blenkinship

Hi David,

Sorry you have this issue.

You can raise a support ticket using this link -

Please give full description of the issue to ensure that we can provide you with the best solution to your issue.

Please could you also check, try and advise on the following information.

Confirm you are the administrator of the PC profile you're using

Right click on the application icon and select 'Run as administrator'

Delete any icons and shortcuts and try running from the programs list

Check Anti-Virus/firewall has not blocked VideoScribe and if possible add VideoScribe to the exceptions list (check with the software supplier on how to do this)

Right click on the VideoScribe installation file and select Install, if you get the option, try using the repair option on the installation

Test by creating a new PC profile with admin rights and try the installation file on this new profile.

Try un-installing download the file again from and when installing again, check for any error messages or notifications during the process.

Thanks, Joe

Message for Joe Clarke

Many thanks for your prompt reply and new link.

I how have a perfect installation and everything works quick and  efficient.

I don't know what went wrong before but thanks to you guys I am back in business.

david blenkinship

Thanks for the update David and glad VideoScribe is up and running on your PC.

Thanks, Joe

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