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An Error I never Seen Before

 I open a new document. Import one SVG image. When I go to change the hand to Paint Brush I get an error and I have to shut down video scribe.

See attached image for Error

The image I'm trying to load is a customers Logo so I need to be able to load it. He wants me to draw it with the Paint Brush.

Any help would be appreciated.



Mike it has nothing to do with file size. It turns out that any time I try to change hands, Video Scribe stops working. I just tried it with typed text only that said "help", and tried to change hands and Video Scribe died. 

I attached a mp4 video showing me trying to change hands but I get an error when I do.

I did uninstall video scribe and reinstall it but it did not help. Still get the error every time I try to change hands.

Note that this just started to happen today (8-13-2014). I use Video Scribe daily and yesterday I had no problems. Also, in case you ask, I have not added any new hands in months.

Help Sparkol

error.jpg error.jpg
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How big is the image file size? It could contain some problematic data.

You could try opening it in inkscape and re-saving it with the recommended settings to see if that will resolve the problem.
Or you could attach the image here for feedback.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Dan,

Sorry you have this problem.

Firstly I would advise to uninstall and re-install VideoScribe to see if this resolves the problem.

I have searched for this particular error message and suggestions to resolve it are to check the PC registry.

It seems it is a Windows error message which is being triggered when you select change hands.

It is suggested to run a check on your computer using Microsoft's Fix it tool -

Microsoft also refer's to this knowledge base article if you have this error -

You can also try testing VideoScribe using a different PC Profile to see if the issue is replicated.


Thanks, Joe

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