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Will not save to the cloud

   I have two scribes that will not save to the cloud.  After I choose the cloud icon, it goes into an endless countdown and does not go any further. 

   I have previous versions saved on the cloud that I need to update.  FRS Overview and Pension Options - FRS are the two that will not save.

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Hi Jody,

I have converted this to a support question.

We will be in contact soon


I had the same problem (it only ever saved my first draft to the cloud and then nothing else).  I then moved to saving to my desktop.  This didn't work either and now I have lost all of my work - the only thing that I can recover is that first ever draft??!!

Anastasia, If you cannot save a scribe to any area then the most usual issue is that the soundtrack that you have on the scribe has corrupted. To resolve this just remove the soundtrack and save the file. You should then be able to add the soundtrack back in and it will re-establish a fresh link.

SAME ISSUE. Deleted VO to no avail. What next?

Hi Nick,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Your query has been raised as a support ticket.

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