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How do I merge accounts?

I have 2 accounts:  

(a) - monthly subscription, and 

(b) - expired free trial.  

I would like to change the email address on the monthly subscription (a) to, because I'm not really using it personally; I'm using it primarily for work, and my company is paying for it now.

I tried to change it, but because the expired free trial account (b) still exists, it will not let me change the email address of the monthly subscription (a) to

Can you please help?  Many thanks.



Hi Jennifer

First, log in as (b) and change the email address to (c) [i.e. another email address]

Then you can log in as (a) and change it to (b)

(NOTE for Jennifer: I think that if you want to actually MERGE the accounts, you will need to export the scribes from the account you are going to abandon, and then import them into the other account.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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