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Problem with zooming


When zooming in VideoScribe often starts zooming out uncontroled. Have to restart the program to solve it. Is this a known bug?

Hi Anders,

I have not come across this before - how often does it happen and can you replicate this easily? If you can replicate it then could you explain how?




I think it has occured holding downt the zoom out or in, but i can´t replicate it easy now. I will try to be observant what I did if it occures again.



I have the same issue. The zoom and camera seem to have their own wil. I have been working on a video for 2 days now and I needed to make some changes. When I have made the changes to some elements the camera just moves where it wants which is obviously annoying when watching the playback.

The storyline is also hard to manage. When introducing and dragging new elements, it moves out of control and it takes a while to place a new element where you need it to be.

The arrows at the bottom of the screen don't do an accurate job. Using the right, left, down and up arrows as well as the + and - options move the canvas back to its center most of the time and it causes the camera and zoom to became out of control. 

I am using the trial and I have managed to almost complete the video am working on which is good. It could be great if I didn't have the above issues and I could have finished the video in a few hours had I not had the above problems. I don't feel like the tool is completely accurate. It looks like I need to start the video all over again because of the zooming issues. Not ideal.

Please let me know if you have any advice.


Hi Beatriz,

If you find the element in your scribe where the camera seems to go off somewhere else and double click on the element in the timeline VideoScribe will show the camera setting for that element.

There are some issues with the timeline in the current version and we are working on a fix that will be released soon.

The + and - keys will zoom in or out on the currently selected element. If you have got an element selected it will zoom in or out on the centre of the scribe so if you have moved over to the left of the canvas for example, haven't selected an item and zoom in it will shift back to the centre of the scribe and zoom. So, if you move over to the left of the canvas and select an element and then zoom in it will not go back to the centre again.

If you have any further questions then please can you create a new support question using this link - and we will investigate further


Hi Andy, great info. Thanks a lot and good luck with the timeline.


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