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SVG Import

I imported an SVG drawing with text from Inkscape. The drawing looks good but the associated text turned into a big black box. Any suggestions?

I'd suggest opening it and resaving it in inkscape or illustrator with setting similar to this:

EDIT: if you have embedded images then the "embed" setting may be preferable to "link" (although personally I recommend not using embedded images- they increase file size and may cause slowdowns or freezes in my opinion).

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Gene,

I am not sure how you created text in the file but VideoScribe cannot recognise the text which is why it displays the black box.

To get around this I opened the file in Inkscape and selected the text and then selected from the menu 'Path' and 'Object to Path', saved the file and it loads into VideoScribe just fine and because I added a path the pen now draws out the text which looks a lot nicer.



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