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Money back?

For school I bought video scribe. Unfortunately, it is up to 5 times far not been able to upload a video. I consulted the forum but unfortunately without success.

I also have the format of the video because it was a big file.

I was constantly stating that it took a few seconds but then stopped downloading.

Now I canceled my account. I paid 22euro for nothing.

Is it possible to get my money back?

If you still want to use your account, version 1.3.26 is more stable although it has a few less features:

You can uninstall version 2.0 and install version 1.3.26, but be aware that any scribes you made in version 2.0 will not open in 1.3.26

official support post about uninstall and reinstall:

download either version here:

(normal uninstalls should not affect your saved scribes, but if you use third-party hard drive cleanup programs, they may erase your local scribes. Save a copy of your scribes online for extra safety.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mara,

I have converted this to a support question - please check your inbox for more information



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