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 Is it possible to downgrade from V2 back to an older stable version. V2 is causing many issues, too many to keep asking about. The old version was stable, and never caused any issues for me.

Yes, I went back to 1.3.26. Actually I never left. I had 2.0 installed on another computer to use. Now after many tries and issues,I decided to permanently go back to 1.3.26 to do my clients scribes. There were just too many issues with 2.0 that slowed me down making it hard to meet certain deadlines.

1.3.26 does have some bugs, but all of them are manageable. Listing all my concerns and issues with 2.0  on the forum does take time and that is time I would rather use creating scribes.

It seems sparkol folks are trying to do right, but things keep coming out wrong. I'm not sure how  or who does the coding for video scribe, but more than once I thought that Sparkol should seek outside help to ensure they put out a good product.


I agree. I did eventually manage to persuade V2 to save my scribe, after 2 reboots, and changing the save operation to a nother folder (It wouldn't save to the desktop). I've gone back to 1.3 and will wait until most of the issues have been sorted. You're right, it's a shame they don't get it at least mostly right before releasing a new version. Publishing the scribe has to be a major component, and needs to be functional 100% not just randomly.


Hi Steve,

Yes you can uninstall version 2.0 and install version 1.3.26, but be aware that any scribes you made in version 2.0 will not open in 1.3.26

official support post about uninstall and reinstall:

download either version here:

(normal uninstalls should not affect your saved scribes, but if you use third-party hard drive cleanup programs, they may erase your local scribes. Save a copy of your scribes online for extra safety.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike

Thanks for all your comments here.  We really value all constructive criticism and will continue to improve the program :)

"Thanks Mike

Thanks for all your comments here.  We really value all constructive criticism and will continue to improve the program :)Thanks Mike"

That doesn't really help, now does it?  Almost two years later, and it appears to still be the same buggy POS software.  So much time and energy wasted in learning this just to find out it has all of these issues.  How unethical to put out a product like this.  Can you people be sued, I wonder?

Rahim, Since June 2014 when version v2.0 was released we have released 17 further versions to take us through to v2.3.4 where we are now introducing new features and fixing issues in each. We have also released new a new product into the subscription as well as updating and expanding the range of options available for iOS and Android. 

While I would agree that today we still have bugs to fix and issues to resolve we are working on these and we want to make the product as smooth and easy to use as possible.

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