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Upload to Youtube?


I have been trying to export my videoscribe to Youtube, and it doesn't seem to be doing anything... (even after waiting for long periods of time).  I thought I would next try to save it as a file of my computer, to then be uploaded to Youtube - however it begins for a minute or so, then seems to freeze at the same spot each time I have tried.  

My scribe is saved in the cloud, and today is the deadline for a major project - so it is critical that I have it available for viewing. I was wondering if you could try our end, if helping at you have my file.

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You have at least one morph with the animation time set to zero (element number 6 I think), and that will cause exactly the symptom you  described  (change the animation time or change to drawing mode instead of morph)

Also here is a thread about common causes of freezing:

In general your zoom levels look good (roughly 19% to 300% I think) However if you have zoom-at-end enabled, it might possibly cause a problem, because some of the images are a bit spread out and the camera would have to zoom out to 0% and I see a little warning icon pops up in the lower left corner when the zoom drops below 5%

Customer support may have additional suggestions or better suggestions for you

hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi mike- Thanks for the speedy reply and helpful hints. I will give that a go. What I need is a copy of the video that I can share. I am wondering, if I am unsuccessful with downloading, is it possible for you to download and email me the video? I am working on a deadline to submit this video and I really need it as soon as possible. Thank you for the help. Jill

Hi Mike.

If you found a morph set to zero then we've nothing more to add - that will freeze the render as you say.  For further info, it's shown in our new 'known bugs' article and is also fixed in the build we're working on now.. 

Jill: It looks like that's the only occurrence of the morph-zero bug.  You will need to decide the route you want to take for your workaround and once done you will be able to render this fine.

I hope your presentation goes well :)

Hi, I can't upload my video to youtube directly from videoscribe, I belive its do to its leinght (14 min), could you please upload it for me? I have saved it online by the name: "Clenical Case Competition", I've seen other people ofered this kind of assistance. I am on my free trial. Thanks

Customer support works monday through friday during UK business hours I believe, so you may not get a reply until Monday.  You may want to RAISE a TICKET with the same info to get their attention faster when they arrive at work.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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