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Moving Objects in Timeline

Prior to 2.0, you could press an arrow to move your item. But now the only way I can see of moving my items is right click then move forward, backwards, or to the start or end of timeline.  This is very clumsy and cumbersome.  I miss the arrows that were on each side of an item.  Please bring them back!  When I go to modify a videoscribe and have to enter new objects, it is clumsy to have to keep pressing right click and then clicking an option.

I think you have to look at moving objects around the timeline. After a while, when you drag one object to another place, other objects also move, which is a real pain, as you've got to save and exit, and come back in. The update to be able to drag is excellent, but it is flawed at the current time, as you spend much of the time having to quite and restart, and then find out where the objects have been placed. The new project is not large, and I started a new one. The project becomes unmanageable as it grows in size, as it is difficult to rearrange each time.

Another update ... if you're working on it ... is to improve the alignment of text. I have two text elements: '1' and '0', and I can make the '1's align and all the 0's align, but I can't make then all align together. I copied and pasted each one, so that they are the same, but they won't align at the bottom (or top). Can you improve the snapping to a grid (or not snapping)? An option to align objects would be great for the future, but a fix just now would help. Any sign of the new version to fix the moving and resizing of text for each file load?

To re-enforce a previous bug, every time I restart it changes the view and the font changes size, which means I've got to back over the complete timeline and re-size all the objects to fit to the right size. It happens with every project I've been working on. Any chance we could get this updated soon, as I spend as much time rescaling back, as I do in creating the project? BTW ... love the package so much!

Hi Bill,

Sorry that you have been having some problems.

We are currently testing version 2.0.2 which fixes the timeline issues and the text resizing problem as well. This should be available soon - I can't give a release date but it will be in days or weeks not months.

Future versions will also have some improvements for aligning elements as well.

I hope that helps.


Excellent ... thank you ... the support and the product are great!

Having a lot of trouble moving images in the timeline - they disappear behind each other and also appear where they have not been placed! This is causing a lot of problems at the moment - any idea when it is going to be sorted out?


Hi Kay,

We are currently testing version 2.0.2 which addresses problems with the timeline and this version should be available soon.

As a workaround at the moment if you save your scribe, close VideoScribe down and reopen it you should be able to move things again


Great news ... I can't wait for 2.0.2. Will it also resolve the font changing/moving problem? For the future you might consider defining key frames, which allow the designer to move back and forward between these.

Hi Bill

Yes, it does resolve the font problem with text when you open a scribe as well.

We have an Ideas and Feature Requests area where you can log your ideas for future releases of VideoScribe.


Any chance we can get this update sooner than later (even if it is just a patch update)? I have to re-"place" all my objects once I save ... which takes a considerable amount of time, This seems to be a pretty fundamental problem with the current version that needs to be fixed, so that users can stop wasting time constantly updating on reloads.

As an example I placed one object over another, and exit, and when I reload they are not over each other.

I think the bugs in the current version limits the timeline to about 20 minutes, as it is so time consuming in moving and scaling things, with the hidden objects problem becoming more of a problem as the timeline grows.

As a small thing, could you consider making it easier to move objects on the time line, as often you just want to move the same object from one place to another, without having to add a new object, and morph it?

The product is amazing ... and there's nothing like it on the market ... just some fairly fundamental bugs  need to be resolved, and cleared up faster.

Hi Bill,

We will release version 2.0.2 when it has been fully tested and we are currently going through our test cycle.

We are working hard to produce a robust release and you will not have to wait too long.



Any sign yet of 2.0.2?

Hi Bill,

2.0.2 is currently with Beta testers and we hope to release it very soon, depending on the results of the Beta test.


I am new to Videoscribe, starting out with version 2.0.2, so I cannot compare its behaviour to previous versions. However, it seems to me that the timeline bug still lingers ... 

Yup. Version 2.0.2 is better, especially in not scaling graphics and text between saves, but there are still bugs, especially the old one which means that you cannot edit an element until you have saved and reloaded. In the graphic, you can see it is not possible to edit the element selected (it is hidden below two other elements). 

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