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Version 2.0 Questions

I'm on Mac OSX 10.8.5. Some questions not covered in the release notes:

  1. How do I change the frame rate? It seems fixed at 25 fps. Our standard for commercial video production is 30fps, while some productions require other frame rates. VideoScribe 1.3.26 allowed us to choose frame rate.
  2. What are the circumstances when the commands under the Edit menu should work? (cut, copy, paste, delete, select all) I'm not having any luck using them on the timeline or on the canvas.
  3. Blackboard effect was mentioned in the release notes. How is it accessed? I tried tuning the canvas black, but the effect was unsatisfactory. Are there particular hands that should be used?

Hi Dave,

The frame rate is fixed in version 2 of VideoScribe.

If that is a problem for you then you could raise this in the Ideas and feature requests section.

cut, copy, paste and delete are available when you have one or more elements selected. For more details see the Tutorials

Blackboard is a reference to one of the new paper textures which you can combine with a grey colour. There are hands with chalk instead of a pen which complete the look of a blackboard.


Preposterous.  Utterly unbelievable.

I am also having this problem - except for 'cut' the other editing tools do not work.

Hi Martyn,
Make sure you have an element (image or text) selected before you try to click the "cut" or other editing tools.

Also I believe that frame rate options are returning with version 2.1 (currently only available in beta testing for paying users as of December 2, 2014)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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