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Voiceover file doesn't play to the end

I have added an imported audio file to my scribe but it doesn't play all the way to the end of the audio even though the scribe animation is still going. The voiceover is 1 minute 51 seconds long but stops playing after about 1min 30 seconds. Any help gratefully appreciated.

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Hi Mike and Andy,

I am having the same issue with my videoscribe as well. I updated to the newest version. And now there is no sound with any audio I upload. I went into audacity, and all audio are already set in MONO. I also tried exporting at 320 bitrate and changing from joint stereo to stereo and vice verso. NO LUCK! Please help

Are you able to save your mono audio file as a mono mp3 instead of stereo?

Hi Kat,

Sorry that you are having a problem with this.

I can see that you are running on a Mac.

We have an issue with mp3's and Macs at the moment

As stated in the post if you need us to add the mp3 in for you create a support question, save your scribe online and attach the mp3



Hello, I am having the same problem. My scribe is 10 mins & 12 secs but the last 30 seconds do not play. Can you PLEASE help I have spent hours on this and am trying to hit a hard deadline.

Thanks for reaching out Marvin.

If you'd like support to take a look, please follow the link above

Hello, I have what seems to be a similar issue, but just on a few seconds.
My clip is 4:26 and plays fine on Videoscribe.
Once rendered, sound stops at 4:18, slightly interrupting the last word, and cutting the music too.
My voice over file is 320kbps mono, and I added silence at the end to make it longer than the video is.
Music is looped.
Tried : resaving the file, changing rendering (1080 mov to 720 mov) : same issue.
Very annoying. What else can i try ?


Hi there.

Sorry you have this issue.

I would suggest saving a copy of the problematic scribe to your online/cloud directory.

If you can then create a new support ticket and tell us the name of the scribe, we will be able to investigate the issue for you.

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