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Music Identification

This may be a bit on the basic side but I just found myself in a situation where I'm creating a second video for a client, I'm creating around 8-10 videos for them with VideoScribe, anyway I just realised that I chose some music from the VideoScribe music library but didn't write down what track I used. 

Now it appears there is no way for me to identify what track I used in the original, the closest thing I can find is in the export settings where it says that it included a soundtrack, but not what soundtrack. When I go back to the music section of the scribe it also doesn't tell me what music is applied to the scribe. 

Having a way to identify the music being used would be exceptionally handy. This lead me to a second thought - as I am creating a series for the client all with the same settings, a scribe template that will automatically apply settings for each scribe created with the template would be great. Settings that would be useful to apply to a template include:  

  • Export format
  • Quality
  • Frames per second
  • Video size
  • Music track
  • Audio volume 
  • Paper colour 
  • Paper texture
  • Vignette 


Hi Ryan,

If you save your scribe online and let us know the name we can take a look inside and let you know the title of the track - see this link Save scribes online

This will be changed in the next version so that you can see the name of the track yourself


I actually went track by track through the library to find the correct track already but thank you for the offer of assistance... and this time I wrote down the track name! 

I am looking forward to the next version more and more, some of these basic organisational features are incredibly important when using software such as VideoScribe for commercial purposes. The sooner the next version lands the better! 

Thanks again,



Actually you can find back which track you used. 

First you'll have to export your VideoScribe file to a *.scribe file locally.

The Scribe file is in fact a container that holds all kinds of media you've put in the presentation.

One file is very usefull and easy to read and that is 'project.xml'. 

To acces that file, drop the Scribe file in TextWrangler (Mac) or an equivalent text-ascii-editor on Windows.

You will see that the Scribe file is treated as a container and all available files inside it are accessibel.

Find the 'project.xml', and search for 'backingTrack' on the first line, and there you will see what track you used. In fact, the track itself is also incorporated in the Scribe file, but uses a very non-descriptive name.

Hope this helps.

I have the same problem.  It is in the online scribe labeled:  ServiceFirst Intro

Is there a way to contact Andy Hardyman, or someone, directly???

Hi Mike

That track is an old one no longer in VideoScribe (it's filename is 178_full_r-2-u-2_0181 but that's not very helpful)

The good news as far as continuing to use it despite it being withdrawn, if you'd like to, is that you could open the scribe with it in, remove all of the images and then save that scribe as a template to use again.

If that doesn't answer your problem, please let us know.

Many thanks


Thanks for the solution, Toon.  

I had the same problem, and the TextWrangler solution worked well. 

 I couldn't "drop" the .scribe file in Text Wrangler, but was able to right click and "open with" TextWrangler.


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