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Can I have the music separately?

Someone has asked for the music to one of my VideoScribes separately so they can use it to jog their student's memories about the creativity technique. It is Bright Shining. Is there any way I can direct him to it as a mp3 or whatever?


Hi Amanda,

The Sparkol music tracks are only licensed through the VideoScribe application so were unable to send the mp3 files directly. As they are only licensed through the application they can only be used in producing VideoScribe videos.

Thanks, Joe

Understood, thanks Joe.

I want to adjust where a music track (the same one, actually, Bright Shining) fades out in a video scribe. Right now, the fade timing is awkward, but I can't find a way to adjust that, or to download the music and add an earlier fade. Is there any way around that, or am I stuck with an awkward ending?

I think you can take the video created in videoscribe and import it into a program like freemake ( free at, or adobe premiere or other video edting programs, and fade out the audio.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


That's probably a possibility, though it isn't ideal because you'd likely lose some quality.

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