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1 month only subscription

i have a small initial project, can I purchase just one months subscription?

Hi Patrick, We offer VideoScribe as a Monthly subscription but you can cancel this subscription at any time.

If you only wanted to use VideoScribe for a single month, you can sign up and once the payment is made, you can cancel the subscription so it will not renew.

This link has instructions on how to cancel -

Thanks, Joe

Joe, we have recently purchased a monthly subscription. If we decide to discontinue our subscription during our busy season, is it possible for us to renew our subscription at a later date and still have access to the videos that we created previously?

Hi Christina, that is fine to do. 

We do not delete any scribes so if you cancel your subscription, you can sign up at a later date and continue where you left off.

Perfect, Thank you!

Hi, I'm Pernan. 

I used Sparkol and it is a fantastic tool that I enjoyed a lot.  My project finished, I stopped using it,  and now I want to stop paying. I bought a Pro monthly suscription. I have been trying it, but I don't know how to cancel my suscription (and I continued being charged, and loosing my money).

I followed the steps described here:

But cannot see the Status 'Active'. (Just to change it from 'Active' to 'Cancel subscription'. Here is the screenshot of what I see:

I don't know if I am active (I don't want to), and in this screen you say yes I am, and I have a new (not desired) payment (for not a required service) on August:

Please, help me, I want to cancel my subscription.

Best regards


Hi Pernan

The good news is that you have cancelled your subscription - the active subscriptions section is blank which indicates that you have cancelled.

The reason that you are still able to access VideoScribe is that you paid on the 7th of July so your subscription will be active until 7th August.

I can confirm that you will not be charged again, unless of course you want to resubscribe again in the future when you would be welcome to come back to us.



Thanks, Andy.

Not in August, I need to rest, but in the future, I may resubscribe to this fantastic powerful tool.

Best regards


I was on a month-to-month plan and paid by credit card (not BlueSnap or PayPal). How do I cancel??


All credit card payments are through Bluesnap I believe.

click the "your account" link at the bottom of the page and then click the subscriptions and invoices link: 

If Bluesnap is mentioned on that page then you just have to follow the steps for cancelling bluesnap.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi, we no longer use Paypal as a direct method of payment. All payments now are handled on the BlueSnap platform.

If you need to cancel your subscription and you subscribed after 1st April 2014 please use the process in this link -

You will also be able to tell if you paid via BlueSnap or not by following these instructions to see if you have the 'Bluesnap Control Panel option'

Thanks, Joe

I paid for the monthly subscription but when I open the tool it says I need sparkol PRO account you can only take advantage of the free trial once. Also on my summary page i see the invoice as paid but yet under subscriptions it says none. Please HELP I need to finish this project!

Hi Jose,

Sorry you have this issue.

We can look into this but you will need to send in a support ticket as it deals with personal details.

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