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Insert screen capture of scribe elements or start scribe with selected elements already on screen


I have a process flow that I have re-created in VS from PowerPoint.  I want the entire process to appear on screen at once rather than element by element.  Is this possible?  

I have also tried to insert a screen capture of the process flow (both from PowerPoint and from my recreation in VS) as an image, but VS does not recognize either image.  

Any suggestions?



1) If you want everything to appear at once (instantly), combine it all into one image, and then import the image and set the draw time to zero.

2) Your image(s) must be JPG or PNG or SVG format to work in videoscribe.

If you meant something different, Please describe your question in more detail.

For more about the basics of videoscribe, here are the tutorial videos:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I have tried what you have suggested, but the image will not import.  It appears as a blank small imported object.  Attached are several files I have tried.  

1)  try restarting videoscribe.

2) Perhaps whatever program you used to make the jpgs has included some extra data that is causing a problem. You could try opening them in gimp or photoshop or microsoft paint and then resaving them and importing the new version into videoscribe.

(you could also try rebooting your computer and/or reinstalling videoscribe)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Robert, sorry you had this issue. I did not have a problem importing the image example.

I would try the advice in this instant answer to see if this resolves your problem -

Thanks, Joe

Still no luck on my end.  I have restarted the tool, reformatted the image, deleted and re-imported the image, started a brand new scribe... all have failed.  At this point, I am not sure how to proceed...

Hi Rob, can you try the image I have attached and do you get the same issue?

Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe,

Thank you for your help with my issue.  Unfortunately, this image also fails on my end.

Thanks, Rob

Hi Rob, I have raised a Ticket for this issue.

Please check the email address you use with Sparkol for an update.

Thanks, Joe

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