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Image Quality

I have a company logo I want to import (use in my video). I don't want to draw it and it won't be used for morphing. I can't seem to find a quality (size) setting that keeps the image clear. My original image is a JPG with a size of 115x31. Should I start with a larger image or a different format? Any advice is appreciated. 

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unfortunately 115 pixels wide is TINY and only acceptable for use at a very small size on a web page.

Step one: get a bigger better copy of your company logo. I'd recommend approximately 600 to 1000 pixels wide, depending on the size you want your finished video to be. (don't just enlarge the tiny logo or it will be blurry or pixelated).

step two: if your logo is 700 pixels wide (for example) then import it using a quality/size setting of 700 for best clarity.

JPG or PNG should be fine.

Hope that helps,

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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