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Please add Transparent Background Option to MOV File Format

This request is for the ability to specify transparent background on a .MOV file output. Currently the only ways to get a transparent background are to output a PNG sequence, or to use chroma key techniques for a .MOV file (for example, specify a green background, then remove the green background using chroma key in an external video editor).

It would be great to be able to simply specify transparent background for a scribe. Some clip art may have fill issues, but in my case, I've never used clip art in a commercial project for a customer, so that doesn't matter.

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Yup, you should probably add the .mov Alpha channel version soon.  My work around is to just animate some simple letters and let Adobe animate output this for me, and it's practically a comp for AE at that point.   In going that far that far, I am realizing that I probably won't need my subscription here much longer. 

This is a Gee I gotta have it feature.

Is there any plan to output Scribes with transparent backgrounds to overlay over other videos?

I can find the steps online to output a PNG sequence and process through several other programs to finally import as an overlay layer in Camtasia.

That's like me having to create Headlines in AI because VideoScribe doesn't do kerning. Or having a calculator on my desk because my analysis software couldn't be bothered to build in a needed solution.

Had a Pro subscription for several years. Some features are really needed and essential. Like transparent overlay background Scribes

I haven't used VideoScribe for a few years, but David Price's request on my old thread arrived in my inbox, and he's asking about outputting Scribes with transparent backgrounds to Camtasia.

The last video on this page was created in Camtasia 2.X for Mac (two versions ago) and VideoScribe 2.X. The Camtasia timeline has four or five active video layers, two of which were created in VideoScribe. The Scribes were created with green backgrounds, then the Camtasia "Remove Color" command made the background transparent. The most video layers appear around time 1:00.

Direct link to the video (scroll down to the last video on the page)

Thanks very much for your suggestion. I'll try it out!

Kind regards,


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